We are looking at two microform scanners for a project involving the digitization of our campus paper’s archive. One is the ScanPro 2000 by e-ImageData Corp. http://www.e-imagedata.com/. The other is the ST Imaging Inc’s ST200x http://www.stimaging.com/.  


Has anyone bought and used either of these two machines or their predecessors? Is there anything you can tell me about either or both machines, the companies that stand behind the machines, the dealers in TX, or anything else you think might be helpful in making a purchasing decision?


I am particularly interested in whether either of these machines is more compatible than the other as is relates to Optical Character Recognition. Will the machine you know about auto advance correctly and consistently and then save the image appropriately? How well will the given machine hold up in a public service arena? Have you had need of a service on the machine and have you been able to reach the service center for satisfactory results?


If you are more comfortable contacting me off list please do so.





Michael Lampley

Serials Librarian

Texas Christian University

TCU Box 2984000

2913 West Lowden St.

Fort Worth, TX 76129

817 257 6485 TEL