Hi Buddy,


We used Periodicals Service Company when we were weeding our journals.  John was very easy to deal with and it worked out well for us.


Whatever you do, don’t use G H Arrow Company out of Philadelphia, PA.  They offered to pay us for each shipment we sent and after sending a couple shipments, they quit responding to us and never sent any payment.


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Subject: [SERIALST] What to do with weeded JSTOR volumes?


Hi all,


We are gearing up to weed several journal runs from our music periodicals collection and I am trying to figure out what we should do with the weeded volumes. I don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find a new home for these, but I feel like we should make some effort to avoid throwing them in a dumpster. I can offer them to other academic libraries in Missouri through a consortial email list but was wondering what a second step might be if we didn’t have many takers. 


Does anyone know of any companies that would be willing to take this and give or sell them to libraries in need?  I know the USBE program is not taking JSTOR holdings. We use Better World Books for our weeded monographs, but they won’t take journals.  Can anyone recommend a similar company that we could use?


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