Maxim is a 'laddie' magazine.  It sounds like someone at Ziff-Davis bound for the unemployement line conjured this to amuse himself.   Either that or the market researcher Ziff-Davis hired determined that videogame aficionados also indulge in a parallel form of escapism, imagining themselves capable lounge-lizards.   IW

2009/7/21 Yared, Michael A "Mike" <>

My 11 year old son is so mad now about Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

Electronic Gaming Monthly has ceased publishing with the January 2009 issue and got replaced with Maxim!!!! We couldn't figure out why we got Maxim for in the first place!!! So I have to write a letter to Maxim to get the pro-rated fund (their language for money back)....(My wife said no to Maxim for me since Sports Illustrated and Men's Health Journal are enough....)

Well my son now has Boy's Life from his Boy Scout troop.

Electronic Gaming Monthly
ISSN: 1058-918X
OCLC Number: 23857173
Parents Upset Kids' Mags Switched To Racy Publication
Electronic Gaming Monthly Subscribers Now Getting Maxim
POSTED: 5:02 pm PDT June 24, 2009‎
UPDATED: 8:45 pm PDT June 24, 2009‎
SAN DIEGO -- A local teenager expected to receive a video game magazine in the mail got a big ‎surprise when a copy of Maxim showed up instead.‎
‎10News has learned that many other subscribers are finding the same thing in their mailbox due ‎to a big mix-up. Chris Anastasio, 15, loves to play video games, and for the past couple of years ‎he kept up to date on all of the latest developments in the video game industry through the ‎Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. "There would be new games coming out and that's usually ‎how I'd find out about them," said Chris. On Tuesday, Chris's father was surprised when he ‎picked up the family mail. "He gets this (Maxim magazine)," said Kyle Anastasio. In the mail was ‎a copy of Maxim, a magazine intended for adults. What is perplexing to Kyle Anastasio was why ‎a video gaming magazine popular with teenagers would be replaced by a magazine like Maxim. ‎‎"Did anybody think for a minute whether that was OK or not?" said Anastasio. The company ‎that published EGM, Ziff Davis Media, filed for bankruptcy last year and when it went out of ‎business, Maxim started arriving in its place. The subscription service at Maxim magazine said the ‎decision was made by the publisher of the gaming magazine. They were not available for ‎comment because they are out of business. Representatives at Maxim said their phones are ‎ringing off the hook with other video game magazine subscribers trying to cancel the replacement ‎magazine. "Other parents should be aware that if their kid's video magazines are coming and ‎they're getting Electronic Gaming Monthly, keep an eye on your mailboxes because they might ‎be receiving Maxim Magazine in its place."‎

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