We do not have any subscriptions to individual online periodicals.  If a title goes to online only, we drop it unless it is available through one of our databases (EbscoHost, etc.).


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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:50 PM
Subject: [SERIALST] Popular magazines going digital advice



I work at a public library and with the economic downturn, we've been noticing a lot of magazines (general interest, parenting, crafts etc - the kind public libraries often have) are starting to offer their magazine in digital format only.  At one time, the digital only titles tended to be scholarly or highly niche oriented, but now PC Magazine, Disney's Family Fun and others are going that route so we are facing this issue   Usually, the publishers will offer one log in per subscription so we are left with some concerns.  Do we keep receiving it, do we offer access and, if so, how do we offer access?   


I'm wondering how other libraries are handling this or have handled it.  No longer offering the magazine? Setting up accounts for popular magazines and having staff interation for passwords and user names? Setting up a special station?  Any thoughts, advice, ideas or innovations are welcome.  Thanks!


Cynthia Dieden

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