Not a real substitute, but Science Illustrated is good popular science magazine that’s very visually appealing. It’s more on the level of Discover than of the two that have just gone to extortionary pricing, so it’s more appropriate for high schools and casual reading. It’s $24 for 12 bi-monthly issues, see


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Subject: [SERIALST] Alternatives to Science News and Scientific American


I don’t think I’ve seen this question in the discussion.

Does anyone know of an equivalent journal? One that covers several scientific areas and has short articles that still have some serious material. Our school serves a range of students and Science News is a good one for those just beginning to attempt college work. But certainly doesn’t have enough material to justify that price when they also take advertising.

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We received a similar notice on this title late las week.  Also, we received a notice this morning stating that our subscription to Science News had gone up from #39.95 to $195.00.


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We just received a notice from our subscription agent that Scientific American was raising their print subscription price for 2010 from $41.91 (which includes the agent's service charge) to $299.00  Has anyone else received this outrageous increase notice?
We are in the process of contacting the publisher to find out what might be the cause of this dramatic price rise.


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