I am working on the renewal list of Blackwell-Wiley recently and feel so frustrated about the price of some titles which goes so much. For example:


1.       The Political Studies package (including: Politics/British Journal of politics and international relations/Political studies review – all online only)


2007 - $868.00

2008 - $983.00

2009 - $1,177.00

2010 - $1,331.00 + Politics $386.00 + Political Studies Review $246.00 + British Journal of politics and international relations $493.00


2.       Canadian Review of Sociology 

2008 -  (I have no price, because we did not subscribe it)

2009 - $243.00 (It appeared in the renewal list from our journal vender’s invoice, which was my mistake by not to notice at that time)

2010 - $466.00 (now cannot cancel)


I did not finish checking yet, but this is really too much for our present budget. Since we are not able to cancel any titles once we subscribed, I am worrying about my budget for any newly requested titles for the university new programs.


Do you have the same problems?

Tian Zhang

Serials Department
St. John's University Library
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Email: zhangt@stjohns.edu