I ordered for our library over the phone.  They sent us a bill in the mail. The pricing on the bill suggested they understood we receive two copies, but their was no explicit allusion to that.
If I understand correctly, the publishers have concluded that in order to remain commercially viable, they needed to discontinue their established format as a newsmagazine and continue henceforth as an opinion journal.  This seems curious to me, as aside from the New York Review of Books I am not sure there are any review & opinion magazines which have been commercially viable in recent decades; they rely on the donations of foundations and patrons to finance their deficit of subscription and advertising revenue.  We had a subscription in my house and I have to say that exposure to the explicit views of the crew that have been writing and editing Newsweek of late have given me a new appreciation of the artifice of reportorial journalism as it is usually practiced.  Saturday Review it ain't.  If you cannot get it anymore, 'tis a small loss for all concerned. 
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How are other libraries renewing/ordering Newsweek print subscriptions now that Newsweek is not available from a subscription agent?


I need to renew several Newsweek subscriptions for our libraries but I don’t have renewal forms and can’t seem to get anything from Newsweek. We can’t order online from their website.


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