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Just please understand that if  you cancel the subscription in the future, most likely you will lose online access to the back issues that you have paid for. On the other hand, If you have kept your print copies, even you lose the online access, you still have the print issues.  However, if you have discarded the print issues, you will lose both print and online issues when a subscription is cancelled.






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From: Rose Marie Parsons <roseparsons@BOISESTATE.EDU>
Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Checking in print plus online subscriptions?
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Albertsons Library has adopted a policy that print does not need to be retained once we have online access through a paid subscription. When the library orders print + online because that is the only subscription option that provides online access, we may discard print upon receipt. Sometimes the subscription agent can persuade the publisher to refrain from sending the print.  

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Good morning!!

We're facing further staff reductions and I'm trying to find ways for us
to spend our precious time on things that really matter.

We've been moving subscriptions to online only where economically
feasible, but we still receive titles where online only is not an
option.  We know that our print titles don't get used, we've got numbers
that tell us so.  I've suggested that we not check in the print issue of
our print+ subscriptions.  We have 41 such titles.

My supervisor would like to know if others have done this and if there
have been any ramifications, so I am asking you.

Thanks for your help,


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