Is anyone else experiencing problems convincing Elsevier to participate in Ebsco’s new Rapid Renewal Tool for managing and renewing subscription titles that are part of Big Deal contracts, or acquired through consortia sponsored Big Deals?


We are very disspointed today to hear from the publisher that they will not paricipate in the program, or perhaps that applies only to us, we’re not sure.  


Libraries use serial vendors for a multitude of reasons.  But perhaps the most important one in this unstable financial environment is to facilitate the rapid renewal and payment of journal title subscriptions as early in the fiscal year as possible.  This is especially vital for large state funded libraries who participate in multiple journal publisher Big Deals which require title reconciliation before renewals can even be processed.  The reality of our financial environment is that most libraries are experiencing multiple budget cuts within the same fiscal year, and the truth is that we are likely to experience this same trend for the next few years.  This means that many libraries will have to face difficult decisions about any journals not yet renewed or paid further into each fiscal year.   


Perhaps Elsevier is unaware of this trend?  Could it be they do not realize the potential consequence of insisting on a renewal process that takes longer and leaves their journal titles still unpaid more than halfway through the library’s fiscal year?  I guess I can’t help but wonder, how is that a good business decision?


If there is anyone out there with similar observations and questions, I would love to hear from you!  Or if I’m missing something and you can convince me of the wisdom of Elsevier’s decision, please feel free to try!




Lila (Angie) Ohler

Head of Acquisitions, McKeldin Library

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