Dear Colleagues:


Many hundreds of our looseleafs are held together using ”Magic” posts. We are in the process of a large scale replacement of a number of these  looseleafs with bound volumes. In order to do recycle the looseleafs, we have to open the “Magic” posts using a "Magic" post key but our one and only key broke and we have not been able to find a replacement or a supplier to purchase a new one. Our broken key has the notation: “Magic post key”  Bankers Box Co. Is there anyone out there who might be able to send or lend us a key or who knows of a supplier or another solution to our problem? We could cut the posts out of the issues but that would be quite tedious and time consuming.


If anyone has a spare key or a suggestion for a place to order one or another solution, please email me directly at  Thanks,


Elena Romaniuk

Head, Serials Services

University of Victoria Libraries