We have separate line items for different types of things, but we are allowed to go over in a specific line as long as the overall account total is not exceeded.  I find it necessary to have separate fund codes for print items vs. electronic items for reporting purposes, as was mentioned earlier.

And yes, if we get something in print + online, it gets counted as print in the budget.

Pat Thompson

At 01:52 PM 12/3/2009, you wrote:
We have a combined line for the two, but I used to work at a place where things were "line-itemed" and I hated it.  The more you can have a combined budget, the more flexibility you have.  You may collectively decide to assign $x to each category as a benchmark guideline for yourselves, but if circumstances change, you can revisit the decision and re-allocate.  If you start with a line item budget, you can't.  In one place I worked, we used to wait with certain serials and then buy the back issues out of monographs as a one-time purchase to get around the fact that we didn't have enough $ in the serials line.
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