We have an "automatic transfer policy" that works similar to many of the others.  We check in the new item in our cataloging/serials department.  A form is inserted in the new item, stating where this item will be housed and what needs to be pulled and moved. 
The older issue is pulled by reference staff, location labels removed (or a new one added) and sent to sorting to be placed on the shelves in the new location.  The database work on the item being transferred to main was done at the same time the new item was checked in.  Saves sending items back to cataloging. 
We began is when we still have items that transferred 4-5 places before the oldest got to main stacks.  (Newest to ref, last years to sci ref, sci ref to vetmed, vetmed to main stacks.) Each change could be marked on the flyer and it took much less time to make all the transfers.  We do ask that these are treated as "rush" items.

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Our library keeps the ‘current year only’ of some print serial titles in our reference collection. When a new volume arrives the previous year’s edition is sent to the circulating stacks. This involves alerting the reference staff that a new volume has arrived, pulling the older one, remarking and reshelving it, etc. 


We have not yet come up with a step by step procedure for this which works really smoothly.  If anyone has a procedure that works well, please share it.  You may send your e-mails directly to me.


Thank you.



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