I am wondering how many librarians have dealt with this scenario;  we were not able to renew several of our long-standing journal subscriptions for 2010.  Most were journals we had subscribed for the last 10 years.


This is nothing new, but so far I’ve had one publisher cut off our online access completely because we no longer have a current subscription, and another publisher cut off access mid-year in 2009 for the same reason.  I’m wondering how many others will do the same.


It’s irritating  to have paid for content and then not be allowed to retain the access to years paid because you can’t keep up with the current subscription—There is nothing that can be done, of course;  publishers can enforce any policy they wish.  However, I am wondering how many other librarians have had to deal with this practice, and, have you had any success changing a publisher’s mind about cutting off access?






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