Depending upon how many titles you’re ordering, your subscription agent should be able to run you a report that lists each title and its activation instructions.  You can then group your titles by platform and proceed from there, activating  several at once.  Sometimes the subscription agent has already activated your titles, so contacting the subscription agent and the platform maintainer together, as suggested by Joanne Romano,  is a good strategy. 


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Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 9:13 AM
Subject: [SERIALST] E-journals Renewals and Activation


Harrisburg Area Community College has just begun subscribing to e-journals (online only) via our subscription agent. This year we renewed a title, but lost access to the e-journal (platform is Ingenta, not a publisher's platform). It took some time to establish that we had renewed and to regain access.


I wonder how others handle these situations. When you renew with your subscription agent what is supposed to happen next? Do you check with the publisher to make sure the renewal passed to the platform provider?  


I would be interested in reading any in-house processes used to verify access and whom/how you contact to reestablish access.







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