Hello all,

Two questions for the group. We’d appreciate any experience and insight you can share.


1)      We’re looking at having students add new boxes on the checkin card for expected issues and also edit checkin cards when publications change frequency, rather than forward these tasks to a supervisor. We're interested to know if any other institutions have trained their student assistants to do this work, and if so, how it did or has been working out. We use III, but these tasks are similar across most ILSes. I’ve also posted this question on the III users listserv.

2)      We’re looking at stopping checkin of dailies. The last informal survey done on SERIALST of daily checkin that I could find was in 2007. We’re interested to know if, since then, anyone has experienced problems with NOT checking in dailies.





Liane Luckman

Serials Acquisitions Librarian

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