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   This week's digest contains  2  messages:
   1) IOP Publishing e-only prices frozen again for 2011
   2) Heldref Publications Journals to join Taylor & Francis' portfolio

1.  IOP Publishing e-only prices frozen again for 2011

***Apologies for cross-posting***

In a show of support to the library community, IOP Publishing is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive year there will be no price increase for electronic-only access to IOP-owned publications. This means that 2011 journal subscriptions remain at 2009 prices for the majority of our titles.

Subscriptions include continued e-access rights to the subscribed year for all institutional print plus electronic subscriptions, as well as e-only subscriptions. A choice of options is available for customers to access the subscribed content if necessary.  

For a complete price list and other important subscription details, please see our 2011 Journals Pricing Bulletin now available online at http://librarians.iop.org/instinfo .  If you would like a printed copy of the Bulletin, you can reply to this posting off-list and I will ensure a copy is sent to you promptly.

If you have any questions, please email info@ioppubusa.com or contact your Regional Representative directly.

With regards,


- - -
Sharice P. Collins
Vice President, Marketing
IOP Publishing
150 South Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA  19106
(215) 627-0880

2.  Heldref Publications Journals to join Taylor & Francis' portfolio

Heldref Publications Journals to join Taylor & Francis’ portfolio
Jennifer McMillan <jennifer.mcmillan@TANDF.CO.UK>
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 04:04:13 -0400
Jennifer McMillan <jennifer.mcmillan@TANDF.CO.UK>

Heldref Publications Journals to join Taylor & Francis’ portfolio

Taylor & Francis Group is delighted to announce that from 12th August 2010, 
37 titles previously published by Heldref Publications will be joining the T&F 
portfolio. The titles will be subsumed into T&F’s Routledge, Psychology Press 
and Taylor & Francis imprints and will be available via the informaworld 
A list of the titles involved is available here: 

>From August 2010 journal titles formerly published by Heldref Publications will 
be available at www.informaworld.com. From this point, no new accounts be 
created on http://heldref.metapress.com. 
In order to minimise disruption and to give you the opportunity to check your 
holdings the http://heldref.metapress.com site will run in tandem with 
informaworld until February 2011, after which date users will automatically be 
redirected to informaworld.  As a service to users on the Metapress site, 2010 
content will continue to be posted on Metapress (in addition to Informaworld) 
until December 31, 2010. 

Online Access
Once content is loaded to www.informaworld.com, the access model will allow 
online access to current content along with a backfile to 1997. Purchased 
content will be available in perpetuity.
In most cases, online access should be transferred automatically to your 
institution’s informaworld account. We will send you an email once all content 
is loaded to advise you to check your access thoroughly whilst we are dual 
hosting and request at that stage that you report any anomalies to the 
informaworld support team at support@informaworld.com. 

Link Resolvers
>From August 2010 we plan to feature Heldref Publication content in the feeds 
we provide to link resolver intermediaries including Serials Solutions, Ex Libris, 
TD Net and Ebsco Industries A-Z, Goldrush and OCLC. We have a dedicated 
page on informaworld from which link resolver vendors and librarians can 
generate updated list of our products in real time at: 
Usage Statistics
We do not plan to migrate usage statistics for the Heldref titles from 
Metapress to informaworld, so encourage users to download statistics from 
Metapress before the end of the dual hosting period. 
It is our hope that this transition causes minimal disruption to you and your 
library users. Your patience during this transition is very much appreciated and 
we hope that the move to informaworld from Heldref Publications will provide 
an improved user experience in the long term. 

Customer Services
If you have any queries relating to renewals, orders and claims, please 
Taylor & Francis Customer Service
325 Chestnut Street - Suite 800
Philadelphia, PA 19106
US toll free - 800-354-1420
Phone - 215-625-8900, ext. 4
Email: customer.service@taylorandfrancis.com 

With kind regards, 
Jennifer McMillan
Library Marketing Manager
Taylor & Francis Group

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