The ALCTS/Acquisitions Section Organization & Management Committee seeks panelists for the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.  The Program is on Saturday, June 25th  at 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.  The topic of the program is “The Future of Acquisitions: planning for change in an ever-changing environment.”


We’d like 3 panelists who can address various aspects of planning for change in Acquisitions including: leveraging existing skill sets to take on new duties perhaps from other areas of the library; positioning the department to be proactive instead of reactive to change in the organization; repositioning staff as their existing duties are automated or determined to be “no longer a priority.”   We’re very interested in a public library point of view as well as the view from academia.


If you are in the midst of a reorganization or retraining or if you have recently taken on new duties or merged with another area to achieve efficiencies, please consider sharing your experiences, lessons learned, or future plans.


Proposals should include a brief outline of the type of change in which your Acquisitions Department has been involved and what you would plan to cover in your talk.  The individual panelists will have 20 minutes each to speak.  Please also send the speaker’s contact information and affiliation, including e-mail and a phone number.  Proposals should be sent to Janet Morrow at  .  If you know of someone who would be able to speak well to this topic, we’d appreciate your sharing this information with them.


Please send proposals by December 15, 2010