Some publishers are good about this some aren’t so good. As noted, there has been a trend to divide the current years (covered by subscription) and the older years (covered by separate archives purchase).


Subscription agents, I believe, have this information. Ideally, the agents would track this information and provide it to us in the same way they provide us with information on subscription periods for the print journals so both the agent and the library is clear on what they are paying for. As mentioned Swets can provide reports (though it would be great if they also provided this in their order confirmation notices). If I might stay on my soapbox a bit more, they should also be providing us with where the content is located to spare us time and effort and making sure we know where the content is located (especially for those publishers that maintain separate sites for individual and institutional subscribers). When I place an order for an e-journal with my agent, the coverage and the URL should be included in the order confirmation notice I get back from the agent.





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Hello all,

Several years ago when I was trying to see how many of our print journals are available online, I was able to get a report from our journal vendor, Swets, that gave me the exact details on what was available online. It indicated which titles have rolling years, which ones have perpetual access, etc. You might be able to use something like this.

If you have Serials Solutions, you might be able to search by publisher and look at all their titles with online dates.

For many titles, I had to go to each publisher website and look at their access policy. It is a very time consuming process and might change every year.

Good luck,



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Trial and error.  Some publishers are much better at holding and sharing this information than others.  Your subscription agent may well be able to help as well.  Other than that it is taking a look and seeing what you can get into.  Time-consuming, yes, initially.  But worthwhile.


Best regards



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We are discussing how best to determine exactly what period of access we are supposed to have for each of our electronic titles.  The thought has been put forth to contact the publisher - that publishers would have a set period for all of their titles and we could go by that information.


Skeptic that I am, I am a) not trusting publishers actually do have such a policy at the ready, and b) that they do not change it at will.  I am willing, and hoping, actually, to be wrong.


So - looking to the cumulated wisdom of Serialsters - any information, thoughts, experience you are willing to share.  If you have set about determining that sort of information, how have you done it, and how successful have you been?  Time involved?  Other thoughts?



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