We have circulated our journals (including barcoded volumes and single issues) for about four years now. The loan period was initially 24 hours but we extended it to 7 days for students and faculty. Students and faculty are allowed up to 100 barcoded items checked out at any given time (this only includes journals). I don't have exact figures, but we have not seen an increase of lost or damaged issues. Lost items are billed, and the cost is high enough to motivate students to return the items.


On 11/11/2010 1:06 PM, Bob Persing wrote:
From: Beth L S Wages (EWages@SF.EDU)
Subject: Circulating Journals
Date: 11/11/10 1:49 PM

At the request of several faculty members and students, my small academic library is considering changing our policy on circulating journals. Currently, we allow a 24-hour check-out with no renewals for faculty members only. I am researching what other institutions do with journals as we work to make our decision. Do you allow them to circulate and, if so, to whom? What is your loan period, and do you allow renewals? Do you have a lot of replacement costs from journals either not coming back or being damaged while out? Do you make use of protective coverings to help cut down on wear and tear? If you have bound journals, do you allow the entire books to circulate? Approximately how many journals are checked out at any one time?
Any information you can provide would be very helpful as we try to come to a decision.
Thank you!
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