Chiming in on two counts re Kurt’s call for reporters:


Quite an accurate description, but Kurt forgot to mention that he also has a sense of humor…SO helpful when dealing with the format requirements of the publication, willful procrastinators, etc.

Not only is it easy to write for Kurt, but reading this column is especially useful in these times of limited travel budgets and information overload. 


But you all know these things, right?


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From: SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum [] On Behalf Of Blythe, Kurt C
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 4:33 PM
Subject: [SERIALST] call for reporters


Friends, colleagues, fellow serialists,

I need reporters to cover serials-specific and general interest sessions at EDUCAUSE (10/12-15) and Midwinter (1/7-11) for the “Serials Spoken Here” column in Serials Review (along with any (serials-esque) conference, meeting or Webinar on the horizon of which I may be unaware).  Perform a service to yourself by earning a byline in Serials Review while also performing a service to those of your fellow professionals who are unable to attend and may wish to know what they missed.  Interested parties should know that there is no word count, the deadline is very generous (so far away I can barely see it, at least for EDUCAUSE), and I’m a joy with which to work.  Contact me at for further details.



column editor, Serials Review