I checked, and our individual packages (A&S I-IV) are showing the holdings correctly for those that on the CSP list that we don’t subscribe to.




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Sent: Friday, January 07, 2011 9:30 AM
Subject: [SERIALST] JSTOR resources in EBSCO A-Z


This email is directed to those of you who use EBSCO A-Z and who subscribe to JSTOR.


JSTOR recently added current content to its platform via their Current Scholarship Program.  We are only subscribing to a handful of titles from this program.  However, we do subscribe to the complete archive package in JSTOR.  In A-Z, before the addition of CSP, the JSTOR resource name we used was “JSTOR Complete”.  Since the addition of CSP, it was renamed “JSTOR Archive Complete”.  The problem now is that for any title that is available via the CSP program, it is showing an ending date of 2010 under “JSTOR Archive Complete” whether you subscribe to it or not.  It may be doing this for other packages as well, however, I have not checked them.


I wanted to give everyone a heads up about this so you can verify the accuracy of your holdings information for your JSTOR titles.  Pay special attention to the titles that are available via the CSP program.  If you don’t know what those are, here is a link to them - http://about.jstor.org/participate-jstor/libraries/current-scholarship-program/2011-title-list.


I have contacted the A-Z support team at EBSCO about this issue and am waiting for a resolution.  It seems to me that either the holdings info for the “JSTOR Archive Complete” package needs to accurately reflect the archive information or another resource package needs to be added that has accurate holdings info.


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