Just because a company is in business to make a profit (most of them are; it’s kind of the point of capitalism) does not make them unethical.  What you say here borders on the libelous.  You should more carefully consider what you post in a public forum.


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Well, it is a good thing they don't, isn't it since the list hasn't been functional for going on almost a month now. 

We may not pay for this list, but I can guarantee you Swets finds other ways to price gouge.  It is beyond a disgrace that there has been absolutely zero updates about this from this so called Swets representative.  With their resources you'd think fixing a simple error such as this would be within their means.

Melinda J. Shedlarz

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Sarah D Tusa <sarah.tusa@lamar.edu> wrote:

To my knowledge, Swets does not charge for using Backserv.

Sarah Tusa
Lamar University

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I'm very disappointed that the Backserv list is still not working correctly, and we've had no updates from the Swets representative either since her initial e-mail.

Another example of the corporate big wigs taking our money and running.  (Huh??)

Melinda J. Shedlarz