Consultants for Technical Services: 
What Do They Do and How Can They Help?
Sunday June 26, 2011, 4pm-5:30pm
MCC (Morial Convention Center) -Rm 274
Have you always wondered what consultants can do for technical services operations?  Come to this program to find out.  A panel consisting of consultants and of librarians who have employed consultants will talk about the work of consulting and the results that can be expected.
Panel Speakers include:
Ruth Fischer, Partner (R2 Consulting, LLC) 
Consultants in the Library: Uh Oh!
A realistic look at the potential benefits and potential drawbacks of hiring a consultant.   
Andrew White PhD (Interim Dean and Director of Libraries and Director of Health Sciences Library, Stony Brook University)
Is 3 Really a Crowd? The libraries at Stony Brook University are in the midst of organizational and administrative change, initiated by the first of 3 different consulting groups. After the first review, a second round of consultants assisted with the first phase of organizational restructuring, while a third group is assisting with a merger of two administratively  separate campus libraries as part of a campus-wide review of operations. How could the information from three different consulting groups impact the traditional "back-office" units of academic research libraries?
Ruth Kinnersley MSLIS, EdD (Director of Library Services, Waggoner Library)
Using a consultant for re-organizing Technical Services – a small university library’s experience
When our technical services librarian announced her retirement after 43 years of service, we knew that we needed some outside assistance in re-organizing Technical Services.  Our main goal was to increase our efficiency.  This presentation will review our experiences using a consultant and will include the process, the result, observations, and recommendations.
Lila (Angie) Ohler
Head of Acquisitions
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
301 405-9308 (phone)
301 314-1200 (fax)