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RE: [SERIALST] new Taylor & Francis platform
"Banski, Erika" <EBanski@library.ualberta.ca>
Fri, 15 Jul 2011 08:49:25 -0600
"SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum" <SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDU>

I second Kathy G.'s thanks.
On the other hand, I thought -- no offence, Jennifer -- that this listserv was "vendor free", like Autocat...

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> Thanks for this good communication, Jennifer! I, for one, appreciate
> your responsiveness.  Also good to know that T&F is aware of problems
> with the new platform and making necessary changes.
> Good luck!
> Katy G.
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> Subject: Re: [SERIALST] new Taylor & Francis platform
> Dear Serialst,
> There has been a number of queries raised on this listserv and
> elsewhere over
> the last few days regarding Taylor & Francis Online.  I apologise that
> some
> users have been having issues with the site. I have summarised the
> discussion
> points below, along with how we are resolving these:
> Access to subscribed content
> Some customers have reported inconsistencies with their access
> entitlements
> on Taylor & Francis Online, including access to backfile content. We
> have
> been addressing these issues urgently and providing temporary access
> where
> required. If you notice any inconsistencies with your access please
> contact
> support@tandfonline.com and we will follow up your query as a priority.
> Site speed
> We are using web analytics tools to monitor the speed of the site and
> have
> not recorded that it has been performing slowly. If users are
> experiencing this
> please email support@tandfonline.com and we can take a closer look at
> your
> specific issues.
> Sequencing of journal issues
> Within some journals users are seeing issues within a given volume that
> are
> appearing out of sequence.  We are currently documenting where this is
> occurring and will be fixing this as soon as possible.
> Access icons
> We are currently displaying access icons at article level. We plan to
> display
> access icons at issue and volume level and it is a key development for
> us to
> add this feature to the site. We will keep you updated on this
> development.
> Usage statistics
> We have migrated usage statistics from informaworld to Taylor & Francis
> Online for all customers who made use of this tool on informaworld:
> •	Usage statistics up to December 2010 are now available on the
> site
> •	 Informaworld usage from January- April 2011 will be available on
> 16th July
> •	 May 2011 usage data will be loaded by 21st July
> •	Data to June 25th will be posted by 29th July
> •	 Usage reports for the remainder of June are in a separate report
> as
> they are based on Taylor & Francis Online usage. This is now available.
> To get a full picture of journal usage for 2011 you will need to add
> informaworld usage up to June 25th to Taylor & Francis Online usage
> from that
> point as they will be available in two different reports.
> To access informaworld statistics from Taylor & Francis Online you will
> need to
> go into the admin area of your account, go to usage reports and then
> click
> on 'Download COUNTER Legacy Reports'.
> Please accept my thanks for your patience with these issues since go-
> live. If
> you are experiencing any further problems please do get in touch with
> our
> support desk by email at support@tandfonline.com. We are currently
> responding to all queries within 2 working days, although in some cases
> it is
> taking longer than this to resolve specific issues where they are
> particularly
> complex.
> With best wishes,
> Jennifer McMillan
> Head of Library Marketing & Communication
> Taylor & Francis Group Journals

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