We received a DVD in the mail some months ago.  The original letter looked like a typical junk mail missive and mentioned that someone at our institution had requested the DVD.  Which is highly unlikely, as video requests go through other channels.  As we get a lot of junk mail sent to variations of Tutt Library Periodicals, in addition to unwanted/free books & periodicals generally, I think I tossed this on the discard shelf.  It’s been some months since the original DVD came and my memory is a bit hazy.


We’ve since gotten a few notices threatening that we’d be turned over to debt collectors, and today I’ve a notice from a debt collection agency.  They want $60.  Note this isn’t addressed to me – it is one of the variations of this periodical name (T LIBRARY PERIODIC) which seems to have been traded around junk mail lists.


Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and whether it’s a scam.  Should I just ignore the notices?  At my previous library job we also got lots of unwanted things, such as large Scientology tomes and a little statue of a saint.  They were recycled or given away.   I’m not aware of us ever being shaken down afterward for an unrequested item.




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