There is a 936 note in the OCLC record: "Dec. 21, 2009 ǂa The change in title from Business week to Bloomberg business week has been determined to be a minor change; no new ISSN will be assigned and no new record should be input"

This was decided in consultation with the ISSN center and CONSER and the editors of Business week.

Therefore, as a minor change, there is NO new record. Bloomberg business week was added to the record as a 246 variant title (Issues for <Dec. 21, 2009-> have title: Bloomberg business week).


On 8/24/2011 2:47 PM, Susan Dresye wrote:
I'm curious about this one, also.

It's a clear title change, so there SHOULD have been two records, since it's an S/L:0 record.

Why the merge to begin with?


On 8/24/2011 1:57 PM, Laura Vogler wrote:

Hello Everyone


Curious to know when we will see a record in OCLC for BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK.  I see that there used to be one as I am using it in my local catalog – OCLC #609852353.  When I do a search for this in OCLC I see that it has been merged into the Business Week record – OCLC #1537921.  Why exactly does Bloomberg not have its own record anymore.  This is a fairly significant title change at least in my eyes.  Not to mention, it is now spelled as Businessweek versus Business Week.


We shelve journal titles alphabetically so we are shelving it under Bloomberg not Business Week and it appears on our journal list under this title as well.  How is everyone handling the title change?





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