Hi All,
I am wondering if others are experiencing a linkage problem involving The New York Times (fulltext resident in ProQuest database) and SerialsSolutions 360 Link based services with the initial search starting in a non-ProQuest database, such as EBSCOHost? I have notified SerialsSolutions about this problem and they say it is a bug associated with the link resolver feeding the word "The" in the search string "The New York Times." Since The New York Times is a rather critical serial resource and not everyone starts searching in a ProQuest database, does anyone have a good work-around?
If you are not familiar with the problem, here is the scenario: Let's say a user looks up a topic in a non-ProQuest database that indexes The New Times (such as any EBSCOHost) and clicks on the library's check our journal holdings link. If you have SerialsSolutions one click set up, it tries to connect to the specific article in ProQuest but ends up on the ProQuest "The requested document was not found screen." If you have configured their helper window you get the 360 Link header "Missing article? Need more sources? Get additional resources related to this," where you can click on the text "additional resources related to this." This will take you to the citation display that lists article, journal and database links for The New York Times article in such databases as ProQuest's Newsstand or Historical  Newspapers: New York Times. Should you click on the Article level link you will again be sent to the ProQuest "The requested document was not found screen." {If you don't have one-click enabled you will be sent directly to the citation display screen, but you will still get an error from the article specific link for any of the ProQuest databases mentioned above.} Certainly one can click on the journal link and search for the article, but students are not always so patient.
Thanking you in advance for any wisdom you may have,
M. Diane Raines
Technical Services/Serials Librarian
Westminster College Giovale Library
1840 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-3697
voice: (801) 832-2260
fax: (801) 832-3109

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