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Mehta, Rita, and Neil B. Ford. "Courtship in The Madagascar Cateyed Snake, Madagascarophis colubrina (Boiginae)." (2001): 115-120.


it seems to be a Taylor and Francis journal.


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Subject: [SERIALST] Ref ?: Journal Article on drymarchon corais couperi from 2000


Hello, SERIALSTers!  I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. 

I have a brain stumper that I need your help with.  A faculty member has asked me to find the citation for a journal article published around 2000. 

It is about the drymarchon corais couperi, which is a type of indigo snake.  The authors' names are H. Smith, D. Chiszar, and G. Murdock.  I have checked all relevant databases that we have, including AGRICOLA, Academic Search Premier, Proquest Research Library, Sage Premier, and Academic Onefile.  She believes it was published in a herpetology journal, but that is not definite.  Because she is in the psychology department and her specialty is animal behavior, I have also check PSYCINFO and Psycarticles.  I have also done thorough searching of Google and the websites of herpetology journals I know of with no luck.  Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Thank you.


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