The subscribing institution note likely refers to institutions that purchased some kind of Springer journal archives package which includes the backfiles of these journals.  If you are subscribing to current content only then it appears that you will have access problems on the new platform.  The note on the Psychonomic Society’s website includes the following as well:


Springer is working on fixing this problem, but in the meantime: all back content continues to be freely available on the old SpringerLink platform. Readers can get to the content on the old SpringerLink platform from the new SpringerLink, by clicking on the words 'Old SpringerLink' on the top right side of every page.


I was able to access pre-1997 content via the old Springerlink site (no access for us on the new site either).




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I just wanted to see if anyone else has had problems accessing the Psychonomic Society journals on the new Springer platform. There is a note at the top of the Psychonomic Society page, indicating that there are problems when accessing "content from anywhere other than a subscribing institution." This isn't the case for me, since I'm on campus...


Just some history.


We have had active subscriptions to the Psychonomic Society titles for many years. In 2009 (?), we switched to online only. At the time, the Psychonomic Society titles had been hosted on their own site. All issues that are older than 1 year, are freely available. 


Beginning in early 2011, the Psychonomic Society moved their publishing to Springer (to get more exposure, etc). As part of their agreement with Springer, issues older than 1 year were to continue being freely available. 


Unfortunately, this didn't happen. I had to get the Psychonomic Society Executive Director involved, and finally after several months, we had the access to which we were entitled.


And then, Springer changed their platform in the Fall 2012... and we lost access to all free content. I contacted the Psychonomic Society to make them aware that there might be problems, and then started contacting Springer. Our holdings opened up on 3 of the titles, but not of 2 of them (for these two, the content was not accessible prior to 1997). The 6th title only started in 2001, and so has never been a problem for us.


I was told by Springer that they would look into it, and they would get it fixed. Then Springer said that it wouldn't be easy to make these titles open from 1 year ago. And then I was told that someone would contact me (never heard from the person). And now today, I find that we have lost access to all backfile content prior to 1997. 


Has anyone else had this problem? Why is it so difficult for a very large corporation such as Springer to do something that appears so simple - open up content for 5 titles. 







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