Electronic Resources and Libraries 
2014 is 
seeking session proposals for the 2014 conference. 

The topics we cover at ER&L include managing e-resources & licensing, collection development and assessment, organizational strategies, external relationship management, user experience, scholarly communication, library as publisher as well as emerging technologies and trends. A complete list of tracks is available here: http://www.electroniclibrarian.com/presenters/tracks

As a part of our complete 2014 tracks, you will notice each topic includes introductory questions and statements. "
 Managing electronic resources is a challenge, whether you’re new to it or have been engaged in it for years. Which systems and tools can be used to manage electronic resources more effectively? What kinds of challenges are new formats posing? How are libraries rearranging workflows to find solutions to e-resource management problems? What can we achieve through more thoughtful licensing? How can standards and best practices assist our efforts?”
hese questions
--just a few from our 2014 conference tracks
, are significant questions requiring the best and brightest from libraries of all sizes and types, from those on the leading edge to those starting out, from those professionals who oversaw the period of great emergence of the digital environment in large research libraries and from those who are new e-resources managers at government or public libraries.

If you have not heard of ER&L, we encourage you to check out our website and consider participating. Fresh eyes, different perspectives, well documented case studies, productive partnerships with industry professionals and workshops have all made an impact in advancing our field collectively and professional development individually. And, we hope you’ll consider joining the conversation at ER&L in 2014.  Submit today!http://www.electroniclibrarian.com/

ER&L 2014

ER&L 2014 will take place in Austin, TX and live online on March 16-19. A $295 Early Bird rate is now available for on-site attendees.

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