UNC Chapel Hill is a Millennium library and we use EBSCO as one of our serials agents. We’re trying to use a feature in Millennium in concert with our EBSCO EDI invoices, and have encountered problems. We want to use a Millennium feature called Update ID to overwrite all the vendor title number fields in our Millennium records with the numbers from the invoice when the invoice loads. Our testing has been problematic.


We’re talking with both EBSCO and III/Millennium, but I’d like to talk with another library who has successfully used this feature. If you are with such a library and would be available to talk with us, please contact me off-list.

thank you, Erika


Erika Ripley

E-Resources & Serials Acquisitions Librarian

P.O. Box 8890

148 Davis Library, CB#3938

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27515-8890

(919)962-1067     eripley@unc.edu







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