Dear colleagues,

I am Elham Abdallah, a new member on the SERIALST. I am in charge of the serials and interlibrary loan department at the main library of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik-Lebanon.

Our library is an academic library that includes all fields of taught.

Three weeks ago, due to an upper administrative decision, we switched our print law reference collection and journals to online medium; unfortunately, our online law collection (LexisNexis Academic, JurisClasseur, does not provide perpetual access to the subscribed content.

Could you please help us by sharing with us your expertise?

Is there any need to sustain our print collection or can we stop it to switch to only online?

What kind of dangers we can face by relying the online medium without perpetual access?

You can either send me an e-mail directly, and I will submit a summary later on SERIALST, or you may share it on the SERIALST public.
Our library appreciates all your help. 
Thank you in advance!

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