I’m writing from the perspective of somebody who has done copy cataloging in several jobs, and taken one cataloging course in library school. I don’t do cataloging at my current job.


Does anybody out there put print ISSNs in their e-journal bibs? I ask this because it would be helpful if there were a reliable way to store the print ISSN, in a field or subfield solely dedicated for that purpose. The full ejournal bibs I see in our OPAC can vary a lot from no ISSN, to electronic ISSN, to electronic and print, to strange combinations and repetitions. Presumably this is how the records came from OCLC.


If you’re doing something special with print ISSNs, I’d love to hear it.


Many times the various systems we use rely more on print ISSN than anything else to identify a journal title, regardless of format. Trying to convert data between systems would be easier with a (mostly) reliable, unique identifier like the print ISSN.



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