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1)  How to find the latest scholarly articles – two videos


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Subject:  How to find the latest scholarly articles - two videos

From:    Roddy Macleod <>

Date:     Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:21:11 +0000


My blog gets thousands of hits via search engines from researchers who

are looking for help on how to find the latest scholarly articles.  If

an obscure personal blog gets that many hits, then there must be

10s/100s of thousands of researchers who are having the same problem.

They shouldn't be ending up at my blog!  They should be able to get

assistance from their libraries.  Yet many libraries don't provide

advice on this topic on their websites, let alone any sort of current

awareness / alerting service.


So, I made two short videos, both from the perspective of

librarians/information professionals who want to help their

researchers keep up-to-date with the latest scholarly papers.


The first one looks at ways to empower

researchers to find the latest articles.  It discusses various free

current awareness services, and then looks at how the institutional

version of JournalTOCs, which covers over 23,000 scholarly journals,

can help librarians help their researchers keep up-to-date.


The second one whilst covering a little of

the same background information, gives a behind the scenes view of

JournalTOCs Premium, and shows some of the many features available to

subscribing institutions. It shows how easy it is for a library to

provide a top quality current awareness / alerting service, at low



If you work in a medical or hospital library, or a company that

undertakes research, or a college or university library, or any other

type of library that serves researchers, you should find these videos

of interest.



Twitter @journaltocs


Roddy MacLeod


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