Hello. I don’t know whether this is a real problem but it happens to me every year with a few Ebsco titles and it rankles  me. I wonder if it bothers other serials people. I always find a small number of titles, usually around 8 in my Ebsco renewals for which they want me to renew with payment for the next year when we renewed with payment the previous year but didn’t receive any issues due to delays in publication. It seems to me that the start date for the renewal should then be the previous year, i.e. 2014 instead of 2015,  with no cost until it catches up. For some titles that happens, but I always have a few where I am paying 2 or more years in advance of receiving the publication. I’ve tried arguing but it doesn’t seem to help. Ebsco either doen’t see it as a problem or doesn’t have a solution.


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