I'm curious what other's approaches are to donations.  We are an academic library with limited space.

If we decide to weed print, it is either because of low use over several years, or because the print is well represented in various online databases.  If the print is only in one or two databases, we are less likely to weed print since we may lose access to those databases at some point.

I've received one-time donations of psychology journals.  One is a year's worth of Monitor on Psychology.  We only have online coverage in one database.  I'm torn between adding this to the shelves since it's only a year, but the fact we only have one it on one database worries me.

I've typically only been adding journals that have a run of 3 years minimum, but even then I might not due to low shelf space.  I'm curious what your other practices are.

Thank you,

Jason Skoog
Archivist and Systems Librarian
Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI


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