Since a few people have contacted me off-list, I wanted to follow-up that Sven at Peeters has finally agreed to share my concerns about not allowing access to users off-campus to the Peeters family.  They apparently make all the related journal policies and have seen this one as a financial decision, but I received little in the way of an explanation.  I am trying to convince them otherwise.  If you feel strongly about this one and would like to allow access through your proxy, now might be a good time to email them again on this matter,  Thank you.







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Please excuse the cross-posting.


Has anyone else run into Peeters saying that off-campus access is not allowed?  They claim to block proxy servers, although I have tested and I can get in through ours.  I thought maybe we were just using different terminology, but I cannot seem to get past Sven Vranckx to see if that might be the case.  Have you been able to get through to them that this part of their license makes their journals kind of useless to most of our users?  If you have had success with them, who did you talk to?  If not, have you cancelled any titles as a result?  They are already on the naughty list for not allowing for post cancellation access to paid for years and their usage stats are on COUNTER 2.


Thank you.




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