The Physical Sciences Library here at Dartmouth has about 160 print subscriptions left.  Some we subscribe to about 20  just for current popular reading, the rest are because we can’t get them online.  We do still bind our journals, and also keep use statistics.  If it is not barcoded we write it on a notepad, noting the title, and issue number.  We use these statistics to determine our spending, and each year look for opportunities to convert more to digital subscriptions.


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We still get a few dozen print subscriptions, mostly in the area of veterinary medicine, which is an area in which we are the regional Library of Record so we consider that we need to keep the print long-term. Most of these are print+online for current access, but preservation is the main point of getting the print.

Several more are local publications that have no online equivalent and also are part of our local "special collections" (we are also the library of record for PEI related materials).


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I am wondering how many print serials subscriptions other institutions have? I work at a small, private institution and we have about 80 current print subscriptions. This number seems high to me considering they do not get used very often. We only keep 30 or so on the display shelf. Also, do you track statistics on print usage? We do not barcode our serials, so I’m wondering if there are other effective ways to track usage.


I am guessing this topic has been discussed before, so if there is somewhere else I can locate this type of information, please feel free to let me know!

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