Unlike other vendors, EBSCO's implementation of openurl links is completely transparent and editable by library staff, as a "customlink" in the eadmin platform.
So whoever at your institution is the eadmin manager should be able to simply examine the "query string" to find what's wrong with the logic, and fix it themselves or with EBSCO support's help if they don't understand the syntax.

For instance, here's ours, to our CUFTS openurl resolver - it's very long to account for all of the oddball types of documents, but for a problem like you're describing, it should be simple to find and fix the error.


On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 10:15 AM, Bealer, Rebecca <RBeale@lsuhsc.edu> wrote:

Hello everyone,


I’m hoping someone out there can help with a problem we’ve encountered and are having trouble getting it fixed:


We have our link resolver (III’s WebBridge LR) set up to display in all of the EBSCOhost databases we receive. We recently noticed in some of the databases the link you click from within the database to get to our link resolver is feeding the article title information in place of the journal title in the outgoing link. We only have one profile for our link resolver to serve all of our EBSCOhost databases; everything works fine for many of the databases (such as Academic Search Complete and MEDLINE), but the problem is popping up in others (CINAHL Complete and PsycINFO). Although this is not an issue when a match is found in our coverage database, we do have our link resolver configured to populate our ILL form, so our staff is now seeing the article title in the journal title field in the form.


Customer support insists the problem is on our side. However, when I copy the link from the EBSCOhost databases before anything is even sent to our system, I can see where the links are correct or incorrect. Additionally, since the “bad” info is in the outgoing link and as a result the journal title is nowhere to be found, I cannot manipulate the data to swap out the bad data for the good, so we’re kind of stuck.


My question is: does anyone out there who has their link resolver, regardless of vendor, set up for EBSCOhost have this problem?


I greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide in helping us fix this problem. Please feel free to e-mail me off-list with your responses.


Thanks so much and I hope everyone has a good day,



Rebecca Bealer

Serials Librarian

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