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Discover how to create a successful proposal at the ALCTS Exchange: Preparing a Persuasive Proposal webinar

If contributing to a groundbreaking, fully online, interactive event intrigues you but you’re unfamiliar with the proposal process, then you won’t want to miss the free webinar ALCTS Exchange: Preparing a Persuasive Proposal on Monday, October 24 at 1 pm CT. This webinar will provide an in-depth look at what it takes to produce a solid proposal, tips for successful proposals, evaluation criteria, a review of the ALCTS Exchange themes, and a Q&A session. Registration for this free webinar is now open—register today.

The ALCTS Exchange is a celebration of excellence at the intersections of libraries, collection management, acquisitions, metadata and cataloging, preservation, and technology. Participants from diverse areas of librarianship will find the four-day, fully online forum with its presentations, panels, and activities both thought-provoking and highly relevant to their current and future career paths. The ALCTS Exchange will engage a wide-range of presenters and participants, facilitating enriching conversations and learning opportunities. Everyone, including non-ALCTS members, are encouraged to register and bring their questions, experiences, and perspectives to the events. Registration opens November 14

Proposals are now being accepted for full sessions, individual presentations, lightning rounds, virtual posters, and an “outside of the box” option for innovators.

The deadline for first consideration is December 2, and proposals submitted after December 9 will not be accepted. Proposal submitters will be notified by early February 2017.

Explore the ALCTS Exchange. 

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