At SCAD (Savannah), we keep our daily local paper for 3 weeks after which I send the issues to our Architectural History department and they use for their clipping file.
The NYT, WSJ and Chronicle of Higher Education are all kept for 2 months before discarding.
-Steve Majure

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We also keep our current and previous month for our dailies. 

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Hi Mark,

I work with our newspaper collection.  Our rule is to keep the Current and Previous months only for titles that are dailies and we keep latest 3 months for our biweekly titles.  The rules seems to work by giving our patrons time to read the newspapers and it keeps down on the bulkiness of having too many items on the shelves.

Kaia Johnson

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Do you have a rule of thumb for how long you retain newspapers on the shelf?

We receive a variety of international and domestic newspapers that are dailies, weeklies, biweeklies and monthlies. All are discarded after a variety of time periods. I'm trying to standardize that based on the publication frequency and I'm wondering if others have a rule of thumb that works. Any information is helpful!

Mark Winek

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