Dear Colleagues:


Have you ever wanted to lead a conversation with colleagues from near and far about professional development topics, without leaving the comfort of your office?  You can do this by hosting an ALCTS E-Forum!  For example, what is the one thing you wish you could have learned before taking on a new job duty or assignment? Consider leading a discussion on that topic!


E-Forums are two-day, moderated, electronic discussion forums that provide an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest on an ALCTS e-mail listserv. These discussions are free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to the listserv.  They occur approximately once a month.


We are currently seeking discussion leaders (hosts) for e-Forums starting in December of 2016.  Hosts lead the e-mail discussion and provide summaries of what is discussed.


Here is the E-Forum website, for examples:


Additionally, some potential topics of interest including the following:


Best practices for getting the most from your ILS

Digitizing paper-based objects, current best practices in describing digital collections, and preservation issues that arise when digitizing paper-based collections

The future of public libraries and printed books

How libraries handle batch processing of records, including a summary of tools such as MarcEdit, how they're used, and what librarians are doing to train themselves to use these tools

Visualizing workflows and other innovative approaches to workflows


If you are interested in hosting an e-Forum or have any questions, please contact .


Best wishes,


Nadine Ellero & Rebecca Goldfinger, E-Forum Co-Coordinators

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