Please join the ALCTS Role of the Professional Librarian in Technical Services Interest Group (RPLTS IG) at the 2018 ALA Midwinter in Denver, CO.

Date and time: 2/10/2018, 10:30-11:30 AM

Location: Colorado Convention Center, Room 303, Denver, CO


The following presentations will be made and up for discussion:


Metadata for Digital Scholarship, by R. Cecilia Knight and Rebecca Ciota
In working with Digital Scholars on projects, we have tried a variety of approaches to ensure that adequate metadata is created in order to support the goals of the project. Using Google products, such as Forms and Sheets, has added tools that work well both in terms of the comfort level of the collaborators and of supporting an iterative process that can lead to more robust metadata for the project. Digital scholars gradually come to understand the stakes of early decisions in metadata creation (such as file naming conventions and controlled vocabulary), and how those affect database structures, record display, keyword searching, and long-term curation.


Data Analysis: Revamping Collections to Fit Changing Needs, by Erin Ridgeway

Overhauling entire collections can seem like a daunting process, given the lack of financial means, physical space constraints, changes in format, or support from fellow librarians. Consequently, some library collections are becoming stagnant, wasteful, or simply ignored. Data analysis allows libraries to purchase resources that will have the most impact for their patrons, while greatly reducing spending on unnecessary collection development by shifting collections to fit the changing demands of their users. This session will discuss how librarians can use data analysis to compare and assess collections more effectively, provide beginner tips and tools to use, and propose ways to get buy-in from those reluctant to change.


Rethinking Service in Technical Services:  Discovering Best Practices for Public-Facing Technical Service Roles, by Angela Rathmel

Roles in technical services have always operated with the end-user in mind. But as this work continues to evolve from print to online, technical service professionals are assisting more and more with public-facing services. How are technical service professionals incorporating more public-facing service skills? This session looks briefly at models and best practices developed for library public services. Then, the presenter will facilitate discussion to discover how these models inform current technical services work, and any gaps these models may present, specific to the needs of technical services.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!


Michelle Hahn and Tiewei Liu (Co-Chairs)

Suzhen Chen and Kristin Flachsbart (Co-Vice Chairs)

Mingyan Li (Co-chair ex-officio)


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