In our Electronic Resources department we have 6 staff members that perform the following job duties...


Staff 1. handle invoices


Staff 2. handle all check-in and maintains subscription patterns


Staff 3 and 4. handle access checking, updating thresholds, maintains records for perpetual access rights and respond to electronic resource help desk tickets, acts as back-up for processing usage statistics.


Staff 5. tracks licensed packages, maintains records to include creating and updating catalog holdings and purchase orders,  problem solve issues that arise during package title reconciliations.


Staff 6. Staff supervisor that acts as back up for invoicing, check-in and licensed packages as well as helping library faculty find information and reports regarding serials.




Rachel Sneed



Library Associate I

Evans Library-Electronic Resources

Texas A&M University

5000 TAMU

College Station, Texas 77843-5000

PH:   (979) 862-2896





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Subject: [SERIALST] Serials Assistant -- Job Description?



What all does a staff member in Serials do at your library?  I'm especially interested in any non-financial tasks.   I'm also interested in any tasks that you *wished* were done but currently aren't (for whatever reason).


Additionally, are there any tasks that a cataloguer (a librarian) would normally do but that now a staff member does?  


I'd appreciate any input. 



Thank you.




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