Also, I thought I would be automatically logged into Filestream when I first logged into my computer and opened up Chrome and brought up my google account.  If that is not the case then please instruct me on how to log into filestream.  I did not know I'd have to do this each time.


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On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 11:26 AM Loder, Julie L <> wrote:

Hi all,


On our campus, IT has been moving to private IP addresses and using NATing, which causes vendors to see activity that is really coming from several computers as a single IP and blocking it. We have been blocked due to this setup a few times now. One of the options we are considering is sending all resources through the proxy and auto-logging from on-campus as a means of having a bit more control and information when it comes to investigating excessive use notices. However, that has the potential to cause our proxy server to be blocked more often.


Is anyone else dealing with this particular campus scenario and if so, how have you adjusted?


Thanks in advance.



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