We’ve just received news that theIPregistry.org block list is working successfully from Ian Carter, Senior Information Security Officer at UCL (London). UCL is one of the first libraries to download the block list from theIPregistry.org and we are happy to report that they’ve told us the list is providing a valuable source of information, helping to identify and secure compromised accounts.


TheIPregistry.org block list is currently freely available to libraries. To download the list you need to sign in as a user for your organisation account on https://app.theIPregistry.org and request access to the list by emailing us at admin@theipregistry.org.


The list has been created by users of PSI’s IP-intrusion.org service for publishers, this new service helps publishers to identify the true source of intrusions while using theIPregistry.org data to provide a whitelist of university library IP addresses. The block list is a list of IP addresses that have been identified as the source of spamming, phishing, hacking and other forms of cyber-crime. We are currently making the block list available to libraries as a service to the academic research community.


Our objective is that IP-intrusion.org will become a community liaison hub where libraries and publishers can share detailed information about intrusions so they can protect themselves from future threats. Libraries will be alerted about breaches in real time, they will investigate the source IP and share the details, so other organisations can block cyber-attacks from the source before they even happen. This will help to protect publishers’ copyrighted content, universities’ intellectual property and researchers’ personal data and identities.


With the IP intrusion service the academic research community can work together to fight all types of cyber-crime.


Libraries - for more information about the block list please contact admin@theipregistry.org. Publishers - for more information about the IP intrusion service please contact info@publishersolutionsint.com.


We look forward to hearing from you,

The IP Registry Team


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