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Since April 2018, Reveal Digital has been seeking a new home. We have had strong support from many of your institutions. We could have continued as a stand-alone entity.  However, we also envisioned that with the right organization we could expand our digitization program, make Reveal Digital collections more discoverable, increase the utility of the content by making it cross-searchable with other collections and reduce our overhead and digitization costs enabling us to do more with the dollars you invest.  After several exploratory conversations it became clear that ITHAKA would be an ideal home for Reveal Digital and the ITHAKA team felt the same way. 


I am now delighted to announce that as of Friday, February 8, Reveal Digital is part of the ITHAKA family.  Here is a link to the official announcement.  We are eager to resume our partnership with you in defining and publishing relevant and valuable open access digital collections of primary source content drawn from special collections and archives.  More to come soon.






Peggy Glahn
Associate Director, Library Relations and Outreach, Reveal Digital
ITHAKA / 301 E. Liberty St. #250, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

Phone: 734.887.7040

Cell: 734.645.6769


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