On what basis have you concluded that the SUSHI report rather then the tabular one is the incorrect one?

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Yes, we have found many discrepancies. My colleague and I just finished a research project/article (it is currently been submitted to a journal) on usage statistics workflow. The results quickly showed that a lot of people found discrepancies in SUSHI reports. This lead me to a comparison project last spring between SUSHI generated reports and reports downloaded directly from the vendor. This comparison showed more discrepancies than we found acceptable and stopped using SUSHI.


I don’t know why this is happening, I just know it is an issue.




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We have found the same discrepancies with no explanation and we’d love to understand this as well.



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Has anyone else seen instances of vendor usage statistics delivered via SUSHI being different than the usage pulled from the vendor sites directly? Please note, the usage pulled from the vendor sites may be months after the SUSHI data is delivered, but we also encountered this discrepancy once when we pulled the SUSHI and downloaded from the vendor directly in the same afternoon.


If yes, can you help me understand why this discrepancy exists? We are stumped.



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