With a big grain of salt because I haven’t been actively engaged in much original serials cataloging for a few years:


I think the question being asked is if a change in the mode of issuance, which would merit a new record, is warranted despite the title remaining the same. Pre-June 2018 the publication, including the electronic version, displayed all the hallmarks of seriality--regular, discrete, numbered updates. Post-2018 the online title is “continually or frequently updated,” which is integrating resource behavior, however each update is discrete, in the sense that it is not iterative, and the earlier issues are still available. So I think it remains a serial, although the frequency has changed from “monthly” to “totally irregular.” Although I would say if I encountered the current site as is without the archives attached my first thought would probably be to treat it as a website-type integrating resource, so I understand the additional consideration.


Erring on the side of caution I suppose I would add an additional 856 and update the Freq, Regl, and 310/321.



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If the journal title hasn't changed or been through some other major change (as defined in RDA), why would you create a separate record for the post-June 2018 content?  Why not have two 856 fields, one for pre-June 2018 content and one for post-June 2018 content? 


From the description, I'm not understanding what the issue is?


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Hi all,


This one is a little tricky and some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are using this OCLC record for our online record of JEMS: 60624579. JEMS moved online with their June 2018 issue and per their JEMS Journal landing page: https://www.jems.com/journal/


JEMS ceased print publication with our June 2018 issue. New, original content from JEMS are published online. You can access these articles (sorted by publication date) in our index of Exclusive Articles.


The exclusives are on a new page: https://www.jems.com/exclusives/


I feel like I can’t close out the online record because it’s still in publication online but I also can’t use the same link for the archived journal issues and the new articles that are published somewhere else.


I haven’t found a new OCLC record for the Exclusives articles or any notes about this change in any of the records. I’m just wondering if you have seen anything like this before and know best practices or things you wish you would have known when you ran into this kind of scenario.


Kind regards,



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