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CSISAC Spring Forum (Virginia Roy) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 25 Apr 2000 15:24 UTC

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 10:48:12 -0400
From: Virginia Roy <royv@FAXON.CA>

Join us for another exceptional CSISAC Spring Forum!!!


Are portals and vortals just the next Internet fad?  Or do they present
information professionals and knowledge organizations with a chance to
filter and customize the burgeoning mass of information reaching and
overwhelming end users?  Shouldn't you find out?

A panel of experts representing  portal developers, users and marketers will
reveal what you need to know to help you and your organization understand
the importance of information portal development and implementation.

Date : Thursday May 11, 2000
Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location : Ryerson Theatre, Room L72  Learning Resource Centre, Lower Level
           Ryerson Polytechnic University
           350 Victoria Street (north west corner of Victoria and Gould
Street, one block east
                                of Yonge and one block north of Dundas - at
the Dundas subway)
                                Parking is available at 300 Gould Street

Panel :

Brian Detlor, a doctoral student at FIS is an expert in consulting,
designing and managing large corporate information systems. Brian is
currently involved in teaching the  portal series being offered by FIS and
will help us understand what is meant by "information portal",  how they
present a not-to-be-missed opportunity for information professionals and the
success factors for portal implementation.

Pamela Millar, is an information specialist at a company that
specializes in helping organizations adapt their systems and processes to
take advantage of opportunities created by the Internet.  Pam is also
involved with the portal series at FIS and will be discussing Health
Canada's experience implementing an enterprise-wide information portal.

Roger Walker, is Vice-President, Sales with CoreChange a fast growing
international software company and leading developer of Enterprise
Information Portal (EIP) software. Roger will share his team's experience
and the challenges of implementing information portal software in different
institutions, industries and hospitals

To register :

email  or call 800-263-2966 ext. 261

Cost :

Non-members - $10.00 payable at the door. Entrance fee can be put towards a
$25.00 one year membership.

CSISAC will provide a coffee/muffin break.

Virginia M. Roy MLS
National Marketing Manager
RoweCom Canada
79 Brookdale Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5M1P2
(416) 440-8900
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